Friday, April 4, 2008

Family Hike

Last Sunday, after it had rained, we slipped on our hiking boots, pack some snacks, and headed to the local park. We had the trail all to ourselves, with the exception of many millipedes.

No hike is complete without Dad telling a story of some sort. The boys requested a retelling of one of Frodo and Sam's adventures from The Lord of The Rings. Complete with voices, I might add...and he is good at them!

Once we came near the river we had to stop and take a break.

Here is my real life Indiana Jones...

And here is me...

Oh, and we found a Gnome Home and what appears to be a Gnome Cathedral!

If you look closely, and use your imagination, you will notice the arched doorway they entered through. Unfortunately, due to the roof collapsing, it is no longer used.