Friday, April 4, 2008

'Boro Wild...Attracting Wildlife to Your Yard

Our local nature center's 'Boro Wild program last Thursday was about attracting wildlife to your yard. This topic is of great interest to me because I enjoy watching wildlife and particularly enjoy having it in my own comfortable surroundings. Someday when I have a yard to call my own, I hope to have several different "habitats" to attract animals.

This week they talked about attracting toads. Toads are great to have around especially if you have a garden. They eat bugs that are harmful to your plants. They need to have a shady spot to hang out during the day to keep them cool, as well as a source of water they are able to soak in. So, the boys (and their friends) made "toad abodes".

During our hike, the instructor shared some really good advice that I wanted to pass on. We like to turn over rocks and look under logs for insects and animals. She mentioned that when rolling over a log to check for living things, to always roll it towards you and make sure that no one is on the other side. That way if there is a snake or another harmful animal, it will have a way to escape and not attack you out of fear. I had never thought of that and am very glad to have that advice. As much as I love snakes, I still want to keep my distance just in case.

Once we got home we set to work establishing our toad habitat. We found a nice shady spot under a bush, propped one side of the abodes on a rock so the toads could get in, and set out a large enough source of water so they could soak.

We don't have any residents yet, but we are hopeful.